Health Services

Duty Limiting Conditions (Profiles)

Service members (SM) are placed on profiles (AF Form 469) when their healthcare provider (HCP) determines their conditions require restrictions to optimize recovery.  Profiles protect the health of active duty service members as an extension of the treatment plan.  They are in line with AFI 48-133 (Aug 2020) and AAM Guide (Oct 2020)


  1. HCP- Initiates AF 469 profile process, Assigns self-certify or follow-up
  2. MSME- Reviews and signs AF 469; Forwards to Profile Officer
  3. Profile Officer- Confirms completeness; Approves and signs
  4. Commander- Determines SM's capability


  • Depending on your condition(s), your HCP may place you on one of two types of tracking: follow-up or self-certify. Both are visible to your unit commander.
  • Follow-Up: Follow-up tracking is used when close follow-up is needed or if your HCP needs to work with you to track your progress. You will be told your follow-up window and will need to make an appointment to be seen in that timeframe. MyIMR will send you a reminder.
  • Self-Certify: Self-certify tracking applies to conditions that are expected to resolve on their own after you've been seen. You must certify that the condition has improved in your MyIMR. If you are not better, you will select "follow-up" and be prompted to make a new appointment. 

Now What?

  • It is your responsibility to notify your healthcare team of any changes in your condition and to make any needed appointments.
  • For Follow-Up: Follow your HCP's instructions for recovery, care, and make required appointments; Make and keep all appointments and complete all requirements as outlined by your HCP; Your profile length is based on your HCP's discretion for the severity of your condition; Work with your healthcare team if you have questions about your profile
  • For Self-Certify: If your HCP has indicated you are to self-certify, it is your responsibility to do so in MyIMR within your profile timeframe at
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