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About Us

Location: 90 Vandenberg Drive, Building #1900, Hanscom Air Force Base, Massachusetts 01731-2139

Open Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.* Hours may vary by clinic. Please refer to your specific clinic for hours.

*Open 7:30 to 11 a.m. for same-day appointments the first Thursday of every month for readiness training and AFMC Family Days.

Hanscom Clinic, or the 66th Medical Squadron, is an outpatient military treatment facility with a staff of approximately 162 military, civilian, and contract personnel spread across five buildings, encompassing more than 62,000 square feet. The main building is over 50,000 square feet. Our 2020 annual budget was $7.6 million. Average enrollment is 6,000 patients .The clinic sees an average of 2,300 outpatient visits each month or more than 100 visits each day.

The 66 MDS is comprised of nine flights: Aerospace / Operational Medicine Flight, Medical Operations Flight, Dental Operations Flight, Mental Health Flight, TRICARE Operations and Patient Administration (TOPA) Flight, Medical Information Systems Flight, Resource Management Flight, Medical Logistics & Readiness Flight, and Diagnostics & Therapeutics Flight. The Aerospace/Operational Medicine Flight includes Flight Medicine, Bioenvironmental Engineering, Health Promotions, Optometry, and Public Health. The Medical Operations Flight contains both the Family Health and Pediatrics Clinics. The Mental Health Flight includes the Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Family Advocacy Clinics. The Diagnostics & Therapeutics Flight contains the Pharmacy, Laboratory and Radiology.


Support our past, present and future war fighters and their families through innovation, training and sustained quality care.


Best care—every patient, every time

The 66 MDS Pharmacy dispenses 60,000 prescriptions for about 20,000 patients annually. Our lab personnel completes 49,000 tests for about 5,800 patients annually. Radiology performs 1,100 exams for about 700 patients annually.

The Public Health Office oversees all preventative medicine programs that services 220 geographically separated units composed of 10,000 military and civilian personnel along with 130,000 beneficiaries in the seven-state New England region. These programs include communicable disease and surveillance, food/facility safety &sanitation, medical entomology, deployment health, travel medicine, occupational health, medical employee health, hearing conservation, and reproductive health & fetal protection. Public Health medically prepares more than 110 Team Hanscom members for deployment annually and conducts food and public facility inspectionsto ensure $41 million in consumable food products are safe for the public. In addition, Public health executes 667 audiogram tests for 285 personnel in 49 industrial work centers.

Bioenvironmental Engineering blends engineering and preventive medicine. Their role is to identify and evaluate occupational environments for processes and substances that could harm Air Force members, employees, and families. The data from these evaluations help design measures that prevent occupational illness and injury to keep the mission going!

The Bioenvironmental Engineering (BEE) Office manages 57 industrial case files tracking and recommends exposure controls for hundreds of processes and thousands of hazards for 66th Air Base Group and the four surrounding GSUs. Additionally, they ensure safe drinking water for 12,000 personnel by monitoring and complying with more than 100 federal and state drinking and recreational water regulatory requirements. BEE is the Installation respiratory protection administrator and provides annual training and support to the industrial and medical workforce on Hanscom AFB. Additionally, BEE fit tests gas masks for service members and every other type of respiratory protective device annually for the occupational population on the base. BEE has the distinction of serving as the installation radiation safety officer maintaining 160 non-permit required radiation sources. During CBRN events, BEE also provides emergency response expertise including threat detection and quantification, as well as remediation recommendations.

Health Promotions is a community-focused wellness entity that provides both outreach and individual services in collaboration with other installation agencies on programming aimed at developing healthier communities. The HP is staffed with a Health Promotion Manager to help assist eligible participants in meeting their goals. Programming includes, but is not limited to, the following: dietary education for disease states/performance, running form analysis, body composition testing, exercise testing and tobacco cessation programming. All members of the Hanscom AFB community are eligible to take part in most HP services. HP programming is targeted at reducing healthcare costs associated with long-term disease management or chronic illness/injury.

The Optometry Clinic provides treatment of eye diseases and injuries, examination of new military accessions, and management of refractive surgery, air-crew contact lens and occupational vision readiness programs. The clinic serves 5,700 enrolled patients annually and 125,000 beneficiaries within the seven-state region. Optometry Clinic dispenses more than 3,500 eyeglasses, gas mask inserts, and ballistic eye-wear inserts for active duty, guard and reserved personnel. Sole optometrist on staff examines more than 100 initial flying class physical eye exams for non-enrolled candidates. Additional specialized exams are provided for those non-enrolled patients requiring vision related aeromedical waivers.

The Flight and Operational Medicine Clinic (FOMC) provides care for 300 enrolled patients to include acute, routine, and preventive health services. Additionally, the clinic provides more than 200 occupational health exams and annual flight physicals for Hanscom and 220 GSUs. FOMC finalizes approximately 300 medical overseas, security, and retraining clearances annually.

The Mental Health Flight provides mental health, ADAPT and Family Advocacy services for service members throughout the seven-state region. As part of the only active duty MTF in New England, the flight provides mental health treatment to empaneled service members and military specific evaluations, such as ADAPT and Family Advocacy assessment, Commander Directed Evaluations and Medical Evaluation Board support to all military units within the seven-state region.

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