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  • Pre-deployers: 
    • Member’s unit deployment manager must notify Public Health that the member is tasked to deploy within five duty days of tasking.
    • PH will input all member’s deployment related information into his or her MyIMR page at PH will then schedule a time to meet with the member to discuss all health requirements related to deployment. 
    • Some of the health requirements that you may need to complete for your deployment are: 
      • Annual Preventative Health Assessment / Mental Health Assessment
      • Dental Exam
      • Deployment Related Health Assessment 1
      • Immunizations
      • Labs (G6PD, Sickle Cell, HIV Serum)
      • Medical Alert Tags (Red Dog Tags)
      • Mental Health (ANAM Screening)
      • Area of Responsibility  Specific Waiver
  • Once all deployment requirements have been completed, PH will meet with the member and give a location specific medical intelligence briefing.
    • Post-deployers: The post-deployment medical procedures are similar to the pre-deployment steps. The member (or UDM) will call PH upon return from deployment and schedule a time to go over any requirements that may have expired during the deployment or any specific post deployment requirements. 
    • Once all requirements have been completed, PH will brief the member on remaining steps of the DRHA process and sign off on his or her in-processing checklist.

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